[Javascript] Entering Letter grades Automatically at UMEG

Entering letter grades automatically at UMEG


Putting letter grades in UMEG with 300 + clicks are cumbersome and prone to mistakes, especially for large sized classes.

An  alternative is to use Canvas(elms) to convert grades into UMEG. However, the functions provided by Canvas are rather restrictive (and slow). And we don’t want to create numerous alarms to be sent to students.

So we can try using a script at UMEG to fill out the grades automatically.


var t = document.getElementsByTagName(“table”)[5];
var trs = t.getElementsByTagName(“tr”);

// input the grades you want to enter following the order in UMEG (name – ascending order)
var grades = [“A+”, “C”, “D”];

function to_num(letter) {
var i = null;
var j = 2;
if (letter[0] == “A”) {
i = 1
} else if (letter[0] == “B”) {
i = 2
} else if (letter[0] == “C”) {
i = 3
} else if (letter[0] == “D”) {
i = 4
if (letter.slice(-1) == “+”) {
j = 1
} else if (letter.slice(-1) == “+”) {
j = 3
return [i, j]

// change num as the number of students in your class
var num = 374
for (var i = 0; i<num; i++) {
var str_ = “grd” + i
var letter = to_num(grades[i])
var grade = trs[9*i + 1].getElementsByTagName(“td”)[letter[0]*4-2 + letter[1]].getElementsByTagName(“input”)[str_]
grade.checked = false;
grade.checked = true;


California Route 1







1번 국도(?)를 쭈욱 따라 Monterey에서 Solvang으로 가는 길

자꾸 구글 지도는 내륙으로 가는 길을 추천했지만,

바다를 옆에 두고 산에 난 아슬아슬하리 만큼 좁은 도로를 타보고 싶었었다


풍경에 자꾸 눈이 가 죽을 뻔도 했지만 살아 돌아왔으니 좋은 추억이라 해야겠다


조금은 뜬금 없이 캠핑카를 타고 낮에는 경치 좋은 곳을 여행하고, 밤에는 연구하는 그런 박사가 되면 참 좋겠다는 생각을 했다… 힘들겠지… 만 뭐 상상은… ㅎㅎ



[N.K. provocation] Results

LDA Topic Model output (20 Topics):


Topic #13 and #17 can be interpreted as “armed provocation” and “nuclear provocation”, respectively. Each of #14 and #18 can be interpreted as “South-North Dialogue” and “international talks”.

The numbers of articles that belong to each category are shown in the graph below


Independent variable: the inverse degree of support for the unification of the people (1: necessary / 5: unnecessary)